Who we are

We Are Your Neighbours . Some of us come from different parts of the city and others of us live right next door, but all of us call Crosspoint our home church. We are also a mixed group of individuals: young and old; white collar and blue collar; and from different ethnic backgrounds. However, we come together to worship, learn and grow as a church family. We Are Authentic We are real people with real lives and real struggles just like you. We Are On A Journey We are on different stages of our spiritual journey. Some of us are seekers with questions and doubts, some of us have experienced God's grace and are trying to experience it more deeply in our daily lives, and others of us have been walking with Christ the majority of our lives. We believe no one has arrived, so we come together to encourage and support each another along the way while making an impact in our community and the world.

What We Believe

About the Bible: We believe the Bible is the uniquely inspired Word of God and that it teaches truth regarding how to believe and how to live.

About God: We believe there is one God who created all things and who exists in the three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

About the Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit is at work both to fill the lives of believers with His presence and the power to live a godly life, and to accomplish God’s will in the world.

About Eternal Life: We believe that human sin is forgiven only by trusting in Jesus Christ and that believing in Him creates new life in the human spirit that does not end with death but continues for eternity in heaven.

About the Church: We believe in the spiritual unity of all those who live with Jesus Christ as Lord in their lives. He alone is head over the church.

About Prayer: We believe prayer is the means of communicating with God, who hears and honours the prayers of his people. In prayer there is power for spiritual life and peace, for strength and physical healing, for change and life transformation, and for encouraging confidence of faith.

Our Affiliation: We are a non-denominational church that is affiliated with the Church of God movement out of Anderson, Indiana. 

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