Church Renovations

Before Renovations Began

Tearing Down In order to rebuild  

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2021 the renovations, that had been in the planning stage for 2 plus years, began. 

We plan to provide you with on-going updates as the work progresses.

February 17th, 2021

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Recently we were asked by Canadian Church of God Ministries to provide an update on our renovations, as well as how we've been dealing with the pandemic, for their June newsletter. Below is an excerpt drafted by Thelma Hitchen, as both a member of our Leadership Team and the Renovation Team, that I though would help create a picture of some of the things being done during this renovation. 

The Leadership Team of Crosspoint Community Church has been facing the issue of keeping our building up to date regarding current needs and codes. A few years ago, we had an elevator installed to improve access to the lower level hall for those with mobility issues. In mid 2018, we began the process of planning for additional upgrades.

The first of these upgrades involved the renovation of the lower level washrooms to make them wheelchair accessible, and included the addition of a third wheelchair accessible unisex washroom. These changes necessitated moving a kitchen wall which brought about the redesign of the kitchen. Doing this allowed for some kitchen upgrades including a stainless steel island workspace, a commercial dishwasher, and space for a second refrigerator. The light fixtures in the lower hall, bathroom and kitchen areas are all being upgraded.

We decided to update the look of our sanctuary and there were also some urgent needs to update all the lighting and electrical systems. Therefore, working with our architect and researching designs, we developed a plan to change the appearance of the sanctuary by curving the steps to the stage area, adding a new curved stone-covered feature wall with an inset backlit cross at the front of the sanctuary, and adding new windows. As the ceiling lights had to be replaced, we decided to drop the ceiling, covering up the dark wood, and adding embedded

pot lights. The surface of the wood beams will remain, as will the structural beams themselves, maintaining some of the original design.

We are adding an alcove down the centre of the ceiling, and valances along the side walls just below the ceiling level. In each of these there will be recessed lighting fixtures which will reflect ambient lighting onto the ceiling and down the side walls. The lighting on the stage area will also be changed to provide the ability to focus on areas we choose to enhance. All light feature areas will be individually controllable.

We are adding a significant upgrade to all our audio-visual equipment. In addition to improving sound in the sanctuary, we are adding the transmission of sound to the lower main hall and kitchen so that those who are in the lower level can hear the service that is taking place upstairs. We are also adding cameras to be able to tape services and feed them to the lower level when it is needed for overflow space, and to live stream services on-line. A bonus in the placement of one of the cameras is that it will be able to focus on the baptismal area to capture and show on our screens these moments of commitment and celebration!

In addition to the planned changes, we were able to have repairs done to a couple of roof areas that have caused us concern for several years regarding water leakage. Our builders were most helpful in determining the cause and solutions, which were instrumental in preserving structural integrity.

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(New wax on the basement floor)

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