Small Groups - Fresh Encounter

There is always joy and hope associated with new beginnings – the birth of a baby, a new romance, a wedding, a new job, and so on. However as we all know, the “new” can wear off.  Parents can become estranged from their children, couples split up, a family is torn apart by divorce, a job degenerates into drudgery.  

This same experience can happen in our individual spiritual lives as well.  Most of us have had a “mountain top experience” where our relationship with God is amazing and it puts new vitality and joy into our spiritual life.  However, most of us also know those times often wane, and we can find ourselves just treading water spiritually speaking. The light and life, the joy and hope seems to turn into spiritual lethargy. 

The same is also true of the Church and local congregations.  We can experience wonderful highs, but also some lows that lead us to just punching the spiritual clock – putting in our time. 

What we need and hopefully are crying to God for, is a “fresh encounter” with Him.  God has promised over and over again in the Bible that if we will draw near to Him, that He we draw near to us.  If we repent and turn to Him that He will bring times of refreshing into our lives.

  • 7 week Study Starting the week of October 19th

    Tuesdays, Oct. 20th - Dec. 1st @ 1:30pm via Zoom - Leader Judy Coleman

    Wednesdays, Oct. 21st - Dec. 2nd @ 6:30pm via Zoom - Leader Deb O'Neail

    Wednesdays, Oct. 21st - Dec. 2nd @ 6:30pm via Zoom - Leader Pastor Shane