The ministry at Crosspoint is supported entirely by the generous giving of our friends, members and regular attenders. Thank you for your faithfulness and support. Outside of our Sunday service, here are a few ways to give:


In order to send your donation to Crosspoint via an e-Transfer, go to the e-Transfer section of your banking app. You will need to set up

Crosspoint as an e-Transfer recipient. You may be asked to create a security question.  At this stage of the process, your banking application does not realize that Crosspoint’s account has been set up to “Auto” deposit any e-Transfers that it receives. So, go ahead and set up both a security question and an answer if asked to do so. However, it is not necessary that you to provide the answer to the security question to Crosspoint. We will receive the e-Transfer regardless because of the way in which our bank account has been set up. Use the email address when registering Crosspoint as

your e-Transfer recipient. There is no need to enter a mobile phone number.

Once you have sent an e-Transfer to Crosspoint, the email Inbox will receive a email message letting us know that your e-Transfer has been received and who the donation came from. We will use this information to credit you for income tax purposes.

AUTOMATED GIVING through Pre-Authorized Debit

This is a simple and systematic way to give and develop a means for financial stewardship. To set it up this option, please click HERE to download the form. 


We are able to receive gifts and donations through most major credit unions. If you pay your bills online look for "Crosspoint Community Church - Winnipeg" as a "Payee" and add us to your list of recurring payees! Some credit unions ask for an "Account Number" and that will be your 3-digit offering envelope number. 


ONLINE GIVING using PayPal, Debit & Credit Card (CanadaHelps)

Online giving is a safe and easy way to support Crosspoint. We use to accept donations due to its security and simplicity. It provides a number of payment options for you to give. Click HERE for a direct link.

GIFTS OF SECURITIES (Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds)

Following the elimination of capital gains on donations of publicly traded securities in 2006, gifts of securities is now the most tax efficient way to make a donation and a great way to make a greater impact with your gift. Click the links below for answers from CanadaHelps to some of the most common questions regarding this form of giving.

*Donate Securities

*Frequently Asked Questions


Any cheque made payable to "Crosspoint Community Church" can be sent to our church address.